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Stay Away From Road Huggers? Tires Explained

Road Hugger is a brand that exists but really only on paper. It is a “private label” brand. What is a private label? Think of the store brand cereal you buy because it’s cheaper than the brand name. Road Huggers are designed for the budget-conscious car owner. Discount Tires sells them like hotcakes. But that doesn’t mean you will get budget performance necessarily.

So is a household name any better? Does it have any special ingredients the store brand doesn’t? Sometimes yes, but mostly no. You are paying for the name more than anything. Store-bought is just fine. But some people want to pay more.

There may be luxuries that come with buying a premium brand such as post-sale support or a more generous warranty. Most of the time, though, a warranty from the store you purchase the tires from is more than enough. And a manufacturer’s warranty is almost always a pain to deal with and are extremely limited on what they will replace.

Road Hugger is the same thing. It is made in a factory that makes many other brands but under different names. This doesn’t automatically mean Road Huggers are any less tire. If the manufacturer can deliver a great product then it is worth the money you pay.

Reviews are generally positive for the private label Asian brand. With many off brands, there is inconsistency so you will find things like “excessive road noise” mixed in with “excellent build and quality“.

Their support and warranty would come from where you purchased them not from Road Hugger itself. Simply because Road Hugger is not a stand-alone company but more of a brand that exists on rubber. That’s about it.

You won’t find their website or Facebook page. It is a budget brand so they will not shell out money for these types of brand assets.

Road Hugger GT UltraRoad Hugger GT Ultra 17 Tire

With a 460 UTQG rating you can expect decent treadwear from this tire. Road Hugger has several 16-20 inch sizes available, and all sizes feature a W-speed rating. There are a number of very good tires in the budget UHP all-season category, and this new GT Ultra is another nice addition.

This brand offers excellent traction in all weather while maintaining the performing capabilities of the tire. They provide a long-lasting tread life and enhanced traction with the tread design and pleasing aesthetics. Road Hugger tires are of great quality for what you pay, while also providing budget-conscious prices.

Buy if:

Extreme weather isn’t an issue and you want some clean looking decent performing high mileage tires.

Skip if: 

You are a demanding driver or snow is common.

Road Hugger GT EcoRoad Hugger GT Eco Advanced 5 Rib Tread Pattern

The Eco version of the Road Hugger GT is a 5 rib design that is not commonly seen on tires in this price range. They are more limited in extreme weather conditions and you may need a higher quality tire if snow and ice are common where you live. But as a replacement tire or if you are on a budget the GT Eco is a great choice to save some money.

They are nothing special and you will get a well-rounded tire that will not perform great in many situations but they will provide you with reliable and safe driving in normal weather conditions.

Buy if: 

You are a budget commuter that doesn’t need a tire that sees a lot of extreme weather.

Skip if: 

You deal with snow, dirt, or any type of performance driving.


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